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Mobile service for manager: personnel and goal management

To be aware of

  • Experience, skills, contacts and development of my team
  • Performance of the team
  • My personal details

To make decisions about

  • Training and development
  • Changing an employee position
  • Salary increase

To communicate

  • Discussing goals and their achievement
  • Discussing the competency assessment

To perform

  • Set up KPI’s and goals
  • Evaluate the effectiveness
  • Assess the competency

Mobile service for manager: personnel and goal management

Solution for those who want to be the first

What opportunities the system gives for line managers?

Key features:

  • Setting of short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. An ability to track goals on a regular basis throughout the year;
  • Goals, KPI’s and competencies evaluation;
  • Viewing information about the tasks performance effectiveness, tracking targets distribution, quick viewing of the staff ratings and a detailed report on the performance indicators;
  • Getting overview about goals achievement dynamics of the working team;
  • Development of a real action plan for employees;
  • Establishing a connection between development goals and employee’s competencies and tracking staff professional development;
  • Getting deeper understanding of how each employee matches the position, what position is more suitable for the worker in terms of the new assignment;
  • Identifying training needs and accurate planning the development of your team;
  • Communicating with HR in the system, discussing of the information, reports and analytics;
  • Using of an interactive chart which contains personal and contact information of the team.

Key benefits for your business

  • Manager’s engagement in the business objectives management process and their reports management processPhone;
  • Expanding the boundaries of the working space and time;
  • The ability to make the correct decisions intelligently and timely based on full information; Improving the team manageability;
  • Increasing productivity through a single point of interaction with the HR department, line managers and employees;
  • Reducing of the operational costs while improving.

How to get the system?

Quickly. Simple. Available.

Setting up the system is performed in the shortest possible time in six meetings and three key steps: configuration, integration, operation.

You get the unique tool for making substantiated personnel decisions regarding management of the reports to effectively address the business challenges.

Options of typical solutions *

  Performance evaluation Management by objectives and KPI Talent Management


5 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks

Range of employed

up to 600 people

Competencies evaluation


Setting up and evaluation of the goals

Bonus payments according to goals


Personnel decisions



* The solution is based on Fusion Talent Management SaaS. Prices do not include VAT.

Order now a tool for making substantiated personnel decisions regarding management of the reports to effectively address the business challenges.


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