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IMH has started an integration of the sales digitalization systems

March 25, 2019

Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH), one of the worlds’ leading suppliers of merchant pig iron and one of the leading merchant coke producer in Russia, together with the Russian IT-company “Borlas” and the English integrator Walpole Partnership has begun the integration of the sales digitalization systems.

Currently, the tests of Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ modules have been completed and they are being integrated in the real-life production. OSC and CPQ modules are being implemented at two IMH enterprises – “Tulachermet” and “Koks”, as well as at the partner enterprise “Tula-Stal”. The integration of OSC (Oracle Sales Cloud) allows to fully control and manage the life cycle of the existing contract or a potential order. CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) module gives the opportunity to strengthen control over pricing. For example, it allows to form an offer automatically taking into account all customer needs.

The implementation of these modules makes it possible to build an integrated sales system, get additional margin and increase customers’ satisfaction by unifying the process and reducing sales terms. For example, one of the main results of the OSC and CPQ implementation should be the reduced time to form the offer by several times. In addition, we significantly optimize our business processes since all the services, involved in the sales process, were also involved in the implementation of these modules” - noted Dmitry Lyutak, IMH Information Technologies Deputy Director.

Oracle Sales Cloud is a modern and technological CRM (Customer Relationship Management), where all customers experience management functions are available in the cloud and integrated with Oracle CPQ. Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ, integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, is a rapidly deployable cloud solution with the access to the system from anywhere in the world, which allows to automate global sales, guarantee the transparency and control over pricing.

Within the framework of the current project, the Corporate System of the large Russian metallurgical holding is going to combine sales, purchasing and ERP management in the hybrid cloud. The hybrid system to automate the main production cluster in Tula will be deployed in the cloud and at the enterprise sites, maintaining its availability for technological changes and promoting digital transformation of IMH” - noted Vyacheslav Kazakov, CEO of Borlas Ltd.

The project of the sales digitalization systems (OSC and CPQ) implementation of Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH) was awarded for its innovation with Oracle Excellence Award at the Oracle Modern Business Forum 2019.

Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH) (www.metholding.ru) is a Russian mining and metallurgical company, which specializes in production of pig iron, extraction and procession of coking coal and iron ore, foundry castling and powder metallurgy. IMH is the world’s largest exporter of the merchant pig iron and the leading supplier of the merchant coke in the CIS. The key operating units include Coal division, Coke division, Iron Ore and Pig Iron division and Powder Metallurgy division. The Group’s key production facilities are located in Kemerovo, Belgorod, Tula and Kaluga Regions of the Russian Federation.

Borlas Group is one of the leading IT-companies of Russia and CIS. Borlas takes leading positions in the ERP-integration, integration of the complex management systems, business applications and PML-solutions, cloud services. It provides IT services including management consulting, engineering and computing infrastructure construction, development of integrated security systems, maintenance services and technical support for proprietary systems. For additional information, please refer to Elena Davydova of the press-center: +7 (495) 478-77-00, add. 2505, press@borlas.ru