Borlas automates the quality control of goods in the Verny supermarket chain.

Borlas Group has completed a pilot project to automate the process of checking agricultural products in the acceptance areas of regional warehouses of the Verny supermarket chain. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Borlas group.

The popular retail chain has taken a course to increase the share of fresh fruit and vegetable products in the range offered. The key task in this process is to check the quality of goods received from suppliers.

Today, Verny already has over 1,100 retail outlets and regional warehouses, and the network is constantly growing. The geographical location of the facilities is such that it became more and more difficult to provide detailed operational control over the work of personnel at each point.

As part of the project, the Borlas team created a system for controlling and documenting the process of accepting fruits and vegetables for the Verny retail chain and implemented it in a pilot mode. At several regional warehouses of the customer, equipment was installed that made it possible to connect the expert group of the central office with direct executors in the field. Built on distributed servers, the system allows for recording events, stable transmission and long-term storage of data, video and audio communication with the operator’s workstation, which is permanently located on the territory of the central office in Moscow. In addition, the system allows you to form a documentary evidence base in case of violation of the terms of delivery and submit complaints to suppliers of low-quality products.

Upon completion of the first stage of the project, the customer received: systematized and centralized quality control of the products received; improving performance while reducing time costs and requirements for local staff.

Having analyzed the efficiency obtained within the framework of the pilot, the customer and the Borlas group are negotiating on further replication to the regional FROW warehouses.

Director of the Directorate of Information Technologies of the network “Verny” Sergei Pashchenko: “We consider it our absolute priority to respect the interests of customers and rely on the sale of the freshest and most useful products. Checking the goods arriving at the warehouse is carried out using special devices for 10 indicators. The new system automates the control process as much as possible and helps our retail network employees to prevent the acceptance of food of inadequate quality, containing substances harmful and hazardous to health.”