How would a large enterprise develop and introduce a supply chain management system from scratch?

28 May 2020, 11:00 - 12:00

Dear colleagues,

At the webinar, we will go over the automation of business planning and supply chain management in big trading and manufacturing enterprises: from demand forecasting and purchase of materials to shipments.

We are going to discuss how to embark on a supply chain management (SCM) system rooted in 1C: Enterprise, and integrate it with 1C: ERP configuration.

Standardization of customers' algorithms in terms of supply chains, 1C platform performance, streamlining of business processes, data integration and synchronization in various information systems, these are some of the challenges we had on our agenda.

Take a closer look at how to deliver a tricky but exceptional project step by step, create a specific solution tailored to the customer's business and avoid pitfalls. Get first-hand information from our experts.

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  • Dmitry Dugin, Senior Consultant in Finance Department, Borlas Group.
  • Julia Cardenas Valjin, Lead Consultant and Deputy Head of Finance Department, Borlas Group.