Personnel policy

Professionals grow successful business.

Our employees are our core value.

Despite our dynamic development and continuous recruiting of young specialists, we manage to retain top talents, who were there at the beginning, at our company.

In interacting with current and potential employees, we adhere to the following policy:

Search and selection of personnel

Guided by successful professionals who share our values, we are also eager to cooperate with young professionals ready to study, grow professionally, and achieve high results.

Training and development

Successful IT company is driven by skilled professionals. High performers in the company are, first of all, individuals capable of self-development.

We consider professional training and certification of employees as the most important aspect of our personnel development.

Borlas management aims to improve the professionalism of staff, and our professionals seek personal improvement!

Personnel assessment

Personnel assessment makes it possible to analyze in detail and present the relationship between employees skills and competencies and the functions they perform. The need to assess the performers does not disappear as the length of service increases, only its goals and features change, depending on the specific conditions of work. Personnel assessment covers employee potential and individual contribution to the final result, provides feedback for further development, reviews the activities, determines compliance with the professional level of the position held, and contributes to career planning.

Remuneration and compensation

Speaking of remuneration and compensation, we are guided by the principle of timely and fair payments. We provide both remuneration and recruitment package including:

  • voluntary medical insurance
  • life and health insurance
  • preferential cellular tariff

Company at a glance

We attach particular importance to corporate culture development, since people who work in the Company bring this culture with them.

We offer our employees cordial and business-like atmosphere. We both work and relax together.

Corporate holidays have long been a tradition. Participating in corporate events gives each employee an opportunity to express themselves and reveal their creative potential, to meet colleagues in an informal setting.