Developing IT transformation roadmap

The purpose of the project implemented by Borlas Group in a consortium with IT AO (part of Aplana Group) was to determine the main directions for the digitalization of the agricultural holding enterprises and a plan for its implementation.

In the first stage, the project participants identified and analyzed the main factors that can accelerate the development and increase the efficiency of the holding's enterprises through their IT transformation.

In the next step, Borlas Group and IT AO carried out a deep analysis of the problem areas of informatization to substantiate the target IT architecture and management model, which, in particular, made it possible to move to the rendering of IT services within a single unified service center.

The project also aimed at developing recommendations to optimize the costs of implementing, operating and developing an IT infrastructure to guarantee IT transformation. The project conclusive result was the roadmap to determine the course of IT development of the holding and its enterprises for the next five years.

“IT business transformation has become a priority for most companies. Moving away from obsolete technologies, replacing them with modern, scalable and cost-effective solutions, is a task of particular importance today. Agricultural holdings are modern business structures focusing on the maximum automation of all processes—production, logistics, analytical. We all have a stake in generating and operating the latest IT solutions in our companies. Of course, these solutions shall reflect the specifics of our business. And we are grateful to the Borlas Group and IT AO for analysing our issues and tasks in the most competent manner and offering a roadmap that suits us,” — said Andrey Shutov, Managing Shareholder at Komos Group LLC.

“Major companies with a high level of maturity (primarily in IT) systematically order strategic IT consulting. They are ready to invest in attracting external expertise to build their future. We are certainly gratified when a Russian agricultural holding aware of the need for IT transformation makes such a reasonable request,” said Alexandr Mordukhovich, General Director of OOO Borlas Group.

“Digitalization of enterprises in the agro-industrial sector in cooperation with domestic IT companies allows us to ensure long-term effective growth of the industry powered by fundamentally new approaches to optimizing management, production and sales. I believe the implementation of business transformation roadmap of Komos Group will present a positive example in which IT companies work effectively with Russian farmers,” said Alexandr Mironov, Consulting Director at IT AO.