Building engineering infrastructure

Project goals

Fulfillment of complex construction and assembling operations to provide certain types of engineering support for the PIK research reactor complex.

Project deadlines

November 2016 – July 2017

Project summary

Here are the components the developed engineering and IT infrastructure consists of:

  • Automated data center monitoring system, built on a 3-level structure:
    • Lower (field) level. A level with I/O functions, including sensors and actuators, as well as cable connections between lower and middle level devices;
    • Middle level. The level of automated monitoring and control of process equipment;
    • Top level. The level of dispatching and monitoring for the interaction of personnel and the monitoring system through a human-machine interface powered by SCADA system.
  • Access control system (ACS) fueled by Andover Continuum equipment. Entrances to the building and doors of individual rooms, access to which shall be restricted, are equipped with an access control system;
  • Video surveillance system consisting of IP cameras, DVR, network switches. The IP video surveillance system is fueled by the FastEthernet data transmission technology of the 10Base -T/100Base -TX standard;
  • Local area network (LAN) deployed on Extreme Networks Summit network switches, X450-G2 series, designed to build corporate and campus networks;
  • Telephone communication system powered by PBX Mitel MX-ONE, full-featured digital telephone exchange. MX-ONE is based on open source software and hardware, using standard servers with SUSE LINUX operating system.

Borlas Group completed work on:

  • Delivery of equipment;
  • Installation, commissioning, acceptance testing;
  • Preparation and issuance of the required asbuilt and operational documentation.

Project results:

  • High level of security and quality of facility operation guaranteed by security systems and round-the-clock automatic monitoring of the technical condition of data center equipment;
  • Reliable, productive and scalable infrastructure built to support the operational interaction of employees and carry out research work of a multidisciplinary research center.