Implementing system to allocate funds

The participants implemented the project to develop and integrate budgeting system into the bank's IT landscape in stages. At the first stage, the Axioma-Soft project team developed the business functionality of the budgeting system of the Russian Agricultural Bank. The implemented information system was supposed to ensure the centralization of business processes in a single IT landscape and provide transparency and auditability of key budgeting processes.

To meet this challenge, Borlas Group selected contiguous 1C: Holding Management product, industrial-scale solution on a platform from domestic programs register, supported by the vendor and having a wide network of partners for development, refinement, customization, and with advanced integration capabilities of the platform.

In the first stage of the project, Axioma-Soft team automated:

  • structure formation;
  • coordination and signing of cost estimates and payment register with electronic digital signature;
  • verification of payments for compliance with the intended use of funds, cost estimates and the register of payments;
  • effecting payment in automated banking system;
  • callback / refund processing (full and partial);
  • report forms for process.

As a subcontractor, Borlas Group designed and developed integration mechanisms, security subsystem, and performed other works in the second stage of the project. The integration adapter, developed by Borlas project team, made it possible to implement information exchanges between the budgeting system and related banking information systems of the Russian Agricultural Bank.

Borlas Group updated the user and administrator instructions, developed information security administrator instruction for bank employees to effectively operate the solution.

In the final third stage, the project participants developed a program and test methodology for the integrated solution, and subjected the system to acceptance tests. In trial operation, Borlas Group provided technical support for the system.

The project resulted in a reliable information system to meet all the stated business requirements. The Group successfully handled integration of budgeting system with related information systems and helped the bank to maximize the impact the system implementation.

Sergey A. Koziy, General Director of Axioma-Soft LLC, noted:

We consider the experience of a joint project with the Borlas Group to be positive. Together we tackled many complex organizational and technical tasks; effective, well-coordinated work of the project teams guaranteed successful project completion on time and achievement of the envisaged targets.

Alexey N. Ananin, President of Borlas Group, highlighted:

We were keen to cooperate with such an experienced and high-value partner, Aksioma-Soft. We gained useful experience in implementing Rosselkhozbank project. The developed integration mechanisms for data exchange will make it possible to use the capabilities of the budgeting system as efficiently as possible, significantly speed up the customer's business processes and increase their efficiency, as well as ensure reliable, secure and consistent operation of related information systems.