Centralized management of master data

For normalization and centralized management of master data, it is proposed to use 1C: Enterprise 8. MDM Master Data Management solution. The software product is designed to build centralized master data management systems at the corporate level, makes it possible to unify the processes of interaction between structural divisions and keep the master data of the enterprise up to date.

Key features:

  • Management and storage of master data directories (custom master data structures, integrated classifiers, built-in data retrieval tools, verification mechanisms);
  • Built-in business processes for information management (setting up the business process of master data management, managing requests for adding and changing objects, flexible adaptation of business processes);
  • Data normalization mechanism (built-in master data processing tool: checking for information duplication, creating, replacing, deleting directory entries and classifiers, sorting directory entries);
  • Creating and configuring custom directories in user mode;
  • Synchronization of master data directories;
  • Integration with consumer legacy systems (configuring mechanisms for loading and unloading data in XML format);
  • System administration (creation, modification of user accounts, differentiation of access rights to work with master data objects).

Key benefits:

  • Operational control of all enterprise processes guaranteed by the unification of master data;
  • The possibility to conduct centralized procurement to ensure the activities of the enterprise;
  • Relevant information for managing and optimizing the logistics of the enterprise;
  • Optimizing labor costs and reducing costs in the preparation of corporate reporting;
  • Optimization of data exchange processes between enterprise information systems.

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