Management accounting and management reporting

To automate management accounting and prepare management reporting, it is proposed to use 1C: Integrated Automation, 1C: ERP. Enterprise Management, 1C: Trade Management and 1C: Holding Management functions. The solution provides the formation of the financial results of the enterprise and tools for their analysis, provides the company's management with correct and up-to-date data for making informed management decisions.

Key features

  • Accounting for income and expenses in the following sections:
    • Wholesale sales;
    • Retail;
    • Commission trading;
    • Cost of goods;
    • Cost of issue.
  • Achieving the financial outcomes across a range of areas;
  • Accounting for revenue by required metrics of analytical accounting and with a deep degree of detail;
  • Accounting for debts by terms and shares of delay;
  • Accounting for VAT by activity;
  • Accounting for sales and settlements between group companies;
  • Achieving both corporate-wide and separate financial results;
  • Possibility of visual design of key performance indicators of the enterprise;
  • Possibility to generate a complete package of management reporting with flexible customization of the appearance of reporting forms, including a management balance sheet and a management income statement;
  • Formation of consolidated management reporting;
  • Conducting business analysis, including through the use of a balanced scorecard.

Key benefits

  • Providing up-to-date data on the actual state of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise and all its structural units;
  • Flexible tools for obtaining both detailed and consolidated data;
  • Reduced terms and labor costs spent on reporting;
  • Making operational management decisions based on up-to-date and structured financial information.

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