Quality control

Borlas Group experts have developed a solution for quality control of production operations and product range in storage areas (including materials, semi-processed and manufactured goods) as an extension of the standard functionality for production and warehouse accounting of the 1C: ERP system.

Key features:

  • The solution covers the contours of operational production (technological operations) and inventory control;
  • Quality control frequency setting;
  • Tracking of batches of goods and materials or manufacturing operations that require quality control;
  • Automatic and manual (unscheduled) generation of quality control tasks;
  • Accounting for sampling;
  • Flexible setting of quality control parameters;
  • Accounting for quality control results both for on-site and deferred control (in the laboratory);
  • Batch quality decision based on a series of analyzes, including those performed in different laboratories;
  • QC workstation;
  • Use of data collection terminals by quality controllers.

Key benefits:

  • Inclusion of quality control standards into the existing master data system of the enterprise;
  • Integrating quality control into production and inventory processes;
  • Improving the quality of products.

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