Chief production controller AWP

AWP of the chief production controller, implemented on the basis of 1C: ERP functions, is designed to automate the planning of production support, management and control over the status of production orders.

Key features:

  • Providing two production schemes—custom and serial;
  • Adjusting the correspondence between production orders and production plans;
  • Implementation of the event model—any event in the system that affects the state of provision is immediately displayed in the AWP;
  • Choice of specifications on order, selection of resource specifications for finished and semi-finished products of all nesting levels;
  • Priority management of manufacturing orders with automatic recalculation of collateral;
  • Possibility to quickly assess the state of supply of production orders before creating production stages, solve the problem of shortage of materials by changing order priorities;
  • Monitoring the status of the stages of order fulfillment and the quantity of products released;
  • Flexible configuration of sources of supply of material resources (warehouses, pantries, production orders, orders to processors, orders to suppliers), setting their priorities.

Key benefits:

  • Automated planning for the provision of production with material resources, management and control over the status of production orders;
  • Reduced costs guaranteed by reduced inventory and optimized transport logistics.


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