Operational accounting of material flows movement in production using DCT

Solution powered by 1C: ERP configuration makes it possible to register operations on the inventory items movement (inventory and materials) in production using specifically designed workplaces equipped with data collection terminals (DCTs). DCT is used to record the movement of raw materials, materials, semi-finished and finished products, makes it possible to control the progress of production operations and optimize the logistics of the enterprise.

Key features:

  • Formulation and control of warehouse operations using DCT:
    • Acceptance of goods and materials to the yard warehouse from central warehouses;
    • Internal movement of goods and materials;
    • Shipment of goods and materials from the warehouse;
    • Analysis of material balances by warehouses.
  • Registration and control of production operations using DCT:
    • Registration of the start of execution, suspension and completion of operations;
    • Accounting for the consumption of materials for output of goods and semi-finished products;
    • Accounting for actual and standard consumption of materials;
    • Monitoring goods and materials stock in production;
    • Control of production operations.

Key benefits:

  • Automation of warehouse operations, minimization of manual input errors;
  • Up-to-date information on stock balances and balances in work in progress for raw materials, materials, semi-finished and finished products;
  • Optimization of the material and technical support of the enterprise;
  • Identification and traceability of product composition and batches of raw materials;
  • Improving the quality of products.

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