Accounting for production and inventory management in the execution of the state defense order

1C:ERP program implements support for separate accounting of the financial and economic activities of the company in the execution of contracts for the State Defense Order (SDO), when each contract is allocated to a separate direction. Also, the solution makes it possible to generate the resulting report on execution of SDO contracts.

Key features:

  • Accounting for government contracts, mutual settlements with contractors;
  • Accounting for funds (banking operations on separate accounts);
  • Accounting for the movement of inventories (batch accounting, storage of the value of batches, consumption of batches by FIFO / expiration dates / serial numbers):
    • Materials and semi-finished products for warehouses;
    • Recycling materials;
    • Means of production.
  • Accounting for deferred expenses;
  • Production accounting (simplified production, material and production resource planning):
    • Costs of materials and semi-finished products;
    • Labor costs;
    • Production and general business costs;
  • Accounting for production costs;
  • Accounting for the shipment of goods, performance of work, provision of services;
  • Obtaining the financial result of SDO contracts, deviations from target indicators;
  • Generation and analysis of the report on the execution of SDO contracts.

Key benefits:

  • Possibility of automatic receipt of substantiation of actual costs and expenses according to accounting system data;
  • Implementation of complete traceability of the composition of finished products to batches of raw materials;
  • Storage of primary documentation on inventory accounting within SDO;
  • Working with several SDO at the same time;
  • Strict cash flow control;
  • Monitoring of compliance with the amounts of costs for costing items by obtaining operational information on the status of execution of each SDO;
  • Generation of SDO reports in automatic mode.

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