Secret Net Studio. Securing workstations and servers

Secret Net Studio is a comprehensive multi-level system to secure workstations and servers at the level of data, applications, network, operating system and external equipment. The solution includes a wide range of protective mechanisms with a unified InfoSec policy and a single control center, is highly reliable and easily scalable, minimizes InfoSec risks, and meets the requirements of regulators.

Key features:

  • System protection: antivirus, application control and integrity control, intrusion detection system (IDS), software data sheet;
  • Network access protection: connection authentication, user authorization, process authorization;
  • Data protection: print control, device control, shadow copying, file overwriting (guaranteed destruction of information);
  • Protection of workstations and servers from viruses and malware;
  • Protection against network attacks, the system supports signature and heuristic methods for detecting cases of port scanning and DDoS attacks;
  • Protection against forgery and interception of network traffic within the local network;
  • Firewall, network connection authorization and network access control;
  • Protection of information from unauthorized access;
  • Control of leaks and distribution channels of protected information;
  • Protection from insider actions;
  • Differentiation of access to confidential information and resources;
  • Protection against theft of information in case of loss of media;
  • Control of device connection and access to devices;
  • Storing data on a hard drive and removable media in an encrypted container;
  • Compliance with the requirements of regulators for the protection of personal data, state information systems, automated control systems and state secrets;
  • Protection of critical information infrastructure facilities (CII);
  • Report generation: report on installed software on the computer / protected resources, status and settings of protective components;
  • Centralized administration: visual representation of all alarms on one screen, statistics of alarms of various protective subsystems, the possibility to create monitoring groups;
  • Notification of InfoSec events in the control panel and by e-mail.

Key benefits:

  • High scalability, support for distributed structures;
  • Reliability of system operation (hierarchy of security servers, replication);
  • Transparent policy of access rights using sensitivity labels;
  • External protection of InfoSec system (ISS) processes and drivers, Trusted Execution Environment module independent from software;
  • Low load on protected computers;
  • Centralized deployment, installation of patches and updates, centralized management of Secret Net clients;
  • Reducing the costs of ISS administration due to a single control panel with an intuitive interface;
  • Quick centralized protection settings as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation (setting templates);
  • Simplification of the process of investigating InfoSec incidents;
  • Minimization of InfoSec risks.


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