RAM Commander. Analysis of the reliability of a technical system

RAM Commander is a software package of technical and mathematical tools covering the entire range of tasks for assessing the level of reliability of an engineering system, based on probabilistic calculations. Reliability analysis is performed using a set of indicators of reliability, availability, maintainability—RAM.

The mathematical algorithm of RAM Commander makes it possible to carry out engineering calculations of the reliability of electronic, mechanical, electromechanical equipment and systems, as well as to use the achieved experimental and operational values of the characteristics necessary to improve modern products.

Key features:

  • Performance of forecasting, analysis and modeling of parameters of engineering reliability, availability, maintainability and fail-safety of a technical system;
  • Construction of structural diagrams of reliability, including the possibility of using Monte Carlo simulation (calculation of the probabilistic characteristics of the process under consideration);
  • Comprehensive failure analysis;
  • Development of a maintenance procedure using RCM (reliability centered maintenance) and MSG-3 (methodology to derive scheduled maintenance requirements) analyses;
  • Create a master minimum equipment list (MMEL);
  • Possibility to use the data library for production components, including domestic components.

Key benefits:

  • Creating a platform for an integrated system for implementing an enterprise strategy to improve the quality and reduce the cost of the life cycle of products under development;
  • Ensuring reliability reports are performed in compliance with accepted government and industry standards;
  • Single database of reliability calculations for all projects;
  • Organization of end-to-end product reliability control process;
  • Improving the reliability of results and opportunities for product optimization;
  • Support for product certification preparation.

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