Logipix panoramic video surveillance

Increased requirements are imposed on the security systems of industrial enterprises, energy facilities and transport infrastructure. Traditional systems with dozens of low-resolution cameras are not able to effectively cover large areas.

We offer Logipix panoramic video cameras with a resolution of up to 320 megapixels (separate 20-megapixel images from 16 cameras that are sewn together), which make it possible to control the perimeter and view the entire territory of the facility from one installation point.

Logipix video content intelligence, machine vision for efficient incident detection, and real-time decision support complement Logipix Panorama's capabilities to keep your facility infrastructure secure and up and running.

Blind areas, which are closed to panoramic cameras, can be covered by high-end 20-megapixel fixed and 6-megapixel PTZ cameras.

Laser IR flashes of video cameras provide the necessary illumination during night monitoring.

Key features:

  • Automatic detection, classification, tracking and localization of an unlimited number of objects;
  • 320-megapixel panoramic images provide better orientation within the monitored area, since operators' focus is not divided between multiple individual images;
  • The function of automatic zoom and tracking on panoramic images of potential threats displayed in individual zoom windows;
  • Video analytics makes it possible to automatically recognize potential threats / abnormal situations and draw the attention of the monitoring center operator (automatically generated warnings and alarms).

Key benefits:

  • Cameras are installed individually, so the system structure can be easily adapted to new customer needs, given the required resolution and installation options;
  • Machine vision technology makes surveillance more efficient;
  • High-end archived videos;
  • Fewer cameras required, which greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs;
  • Guarded construction, rugged metal body of the camera is designed for long-term use even in extreme weather conditions.

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