BMPA. Meter patrol application

Borlas Meter Patrol Application (BMPA) is a Borlas Group development, a mobile application to automate the main processes of planning, execution, quality control and analysis of the supervising walkers work. The solution includes an Android app to display tasks for walking around and collecting energy meters data, as well as a server part for managing tasks and integrating with subscriber accounting and billing systems.

Key features:

  • Obtaining detailed information about the necessary work from the subscriber accounting and billing systems;
  • Time planning, task formation, assignment of performers;
  • Setting arbitrary types of work, reasons for canceling work and attributes of metering devices;
  • Display and search for work locations on the new work map inside a mobile application;
  • Job search by the attributes of a particular metering device and the possibility to edit these values in a mobile application;
  • Manual and voice input of subscriber questions, comments and suggestions;
  • The results photographic evidence—imprinting data on the type, place, time and geographical coordinates of the work directly into the visual area of the photo;
  • Automatic sending of work results to subscriber accounting and billing systems, generation and analysis of work reports;
  • Availability of standard reporting forms, including: a summary of the results of the work and a list of the performers results.

Key benefits:

  • Web-based, cross-platform, easy-to-install server application;
  • Mobile application that runs on mid-range Android smartphones;
  • Flexible configuration of various types of work, reasons for canceling work and attributes of metering devices without programming;
  • Improving the accuracy of collecting metered values;
  • Reducing the time of work;
  • 100% control over the quality of work, increasing customer satisfaction, simplifying the resolution of contentious issues due to the availability of documentary evidence of the correctness of the metered values collection;
  • Increasing productivity, mobility and reducing staff transportation costs by 15–20%.

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