Developing and implementing system to monitor mobile equipment

Project goals

  • Control of the operation of process equipment at all production stages of the enterprise;
  • Support for the prompt adoption of the necessary management decisions;
  • Optimization and improvement of the efficiency of the Customer's activity in MRO management.

Project deadlines

January 2018 – December 2019

Project summary

Borlas Group has implemented an equipment monitoring system powered by in-house development—a software solution to manage repair activities using mobile devices, created a reliable information basis for the following functions:

  • Collecting and systematizing information about controlled equipment;
  • Developing task templates for inspections (standards for typical MRO work);
  • Submitting tasks to equipment walkers' mobile devices;
  • Registering the current technical condition of controlled equipment, detected defects and technological violations;
  • Monitoring of the correct condition of the Customer's fixed assets, completeness of inspections, production discipline of personnel and planning of repair activities based on reliable assessments of the technical condition of the equipment in real time.

In implementation, the Customer's personnel were provided with consulting support to launch the solution into test and commercial production, while preparing all master data for 19 plants of the company, we took into account all the requirements of the enterprise's engineering experts.

In 2019, Borlas Group carried out additional improvements to the system, which made it possible to control the implementation of repair activities, as well as the use of labor and material resources by repair teams.

The system is now operating well, Borlas Group provides technical support for the solution.

Project results

  • Ensuring the reliability of the facility walkdowns results;
  • Improving the quality of repair and maintenance planning;
  • 25% reduction in equipment failures;
  • Up to 15% reduction in unscheduled downtime;
  • Up to 50% reduction in the time to prepare and issue tasks to personnel.