Utility provider client's profile

Client's profile is the development of the Borlas Group, a full-featured environment for the utility provider interaction with consumers—legal entities and natural persons. This solution makes it possible to quickly provide information on the financial condition of the client's account, simplify the procedure for payment and transfer of metered values, reduce accounts receivable, and improve the quality of customer service.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive self-service platform:
    • Viewing / changing client profile;
    • Viewing and managing individual account data;
    • Viewing the results of calculations (debts, balances and turnovers, payment documents);
    • Viewing the financial history of individual accounts to the level of individual categories of accruals for the entire time or for the specified period;
    • Displaying information on several individual accounts on one screen;
    • Viewing the history of metered values;
    • Entering new readings of metering devices, including for several metering devices and for multi-tariff metering devices;
    • Sending a request for calculation, given the entered indications;
    • Billing;
    • Credit and debit card receipts (VISA, Master Card, MIR);
    • Registration of applications of a different nature, for example, for scheduled maintenance of metering devices, for connecting / disconnecting services, tracking status, etc.;
    • Registration of applications for the provision of additional services not related to the main activity (electrical, plumbing, etc.);
    • Reporting on the history of disconnections / connections, tracking the financial condition of an individual account / agreement.
  • Client's profile integration with the billing system and other external systems, including:
    • Self-service terminals;
    • Payment systems;
    • Mobile providers;
    • Customer call systems;
    • Call centers;
    • AMR system;
    • iOS or Android phones (corporate account), etc.
  • Support for various integration mechanisms:
    • File transfer;
    • Web services;
    • E-mail;
    • Data exchange at the databases (DB) level.
  • Integration with an external reporting system;
  • Integration with an external payment system (payment aggregator);
  • Import / export of real-time data from the client's profile database to the billing system;
  • Customization (development) of import / export modules for each customer;
  • Development of analytical reports;
  • Centralized management of access rights (registration, restriction of user rights, etc.), system settings by the customer's profile administrator;
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android devices, web portal for personal computers.

Key benefits:

  • The structure of the client's profile makes it possible to flexibly configure the interface with any database of the utility provider;
  • Single solution for natural persons and legal entities, integration with billing and reporting systems, wide functionality:
    • Quick access to consumer information, operational information on individual account, metered values, etc.;
    • Single interface for natural persons and legal entities;
    • Unlimited customizable set of characteristics for viewing data on metering devices, places of consumption, individual account;
    • Several individual accounts in one client's profile.
  • Lowering the management company printing costs;
  • Reducing receivables by convenient online payment;
  • Increased responsiveness to consumer requests through the filing of service requests electronically;
  • Increasing the income of the enterprise due to the possibility of providing related services;
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership due to centralized administration and auto update of the solution versions;
  • Reducing the load on the utility provider call center;
  • Developing analytical reports in real time;
  • Providing the management of the company with comprehensive information on all aspects of working with consumers;
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with the service quality and loyalty to the service provider.

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