Warehouse logistics

To manage stocks and warehouse logistics, it is proposed to use the functionality 1C: ERP and 1C: Trade Management 11 . The solution is designed for automated control of all processes of cargo handling of a modern high-intensity warehouse complex in real time.

Key features:

  • Registration of receipts, shipments and inter-warehouse movements of inventory items (inventory and materials);
  • Scheduling the receipt and shipment of goods;
  • Inventory placement in the warehouse;
  • Inventory and barcoding;
  • Warehouse operations for accounting of labeled products;
  • Task and resource management;
  • Supervising warehouse personnel.

Key benefits:

  • Optimizing the use of warehouse space when placing and storing goods;
  • Reducing inventory costs;
  • Optimization of commodity flows in the warehouse;
  • Improving the accuracy and efficiency of accounting for goods;
  • Reduced time for processing warehouse operations;
  • Exclusion of losses associated with the critical timing of the sale of goods;
  • Obtaining up-to-date information on stocks in real time (using wireless data collection terminals);
  • Reducing the impact of the human factor on the processes of planning and managing cargo handling in the warehouse (automating manual operations, reducing the risks associated with errors in the performance of work, increasing the personal responsibility of employees).

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