Accounting under IFRS and RAS

To automate accounting under RAS and IFRS, it is proposed to use the functions of 1C: ERP. Enterprise Management, 1C: Holding Management and 1C: Accounting CORP IFRS. The solution ensures the formation of up-to-date information on the enterprise financial state, significantly reduces the time and labor costs for preparing reports in compliance with Russian and international standards, and allows increasing the level of business manageability and transparency.

Key features:

  • Business and tax accounting under RAS:
    • Specific procedure for business and tax accounting;
    • Chart of accounts containing synthetic and analytical accounts used to fulfill the requirement for completeness of accounting and reporting;
    • Registration of primary documents;
    • Printed documents.
  • Generation of individual and consolidated regulated reporting in compliance with Russian standards;
  • Tax monitoring;
  • IFRS accounting:
    • Transactional accounting model;
    • Method of parallel accounting for certain areas (fixed assets, intangible assets, inventory and debt accounting, etc.);
    • Transformational accounting model.
  • Generation of a package of individual and consolidated financial statements under IFRS:
    • Standard IFRS reports:
      • Turnover and balance sheet;
      • Turnover and balance sheet for the account (detailed to subcount);
      • Balance sheet with correspondence.
    • Custom form kit:
  • Statement of financial state / comprehensive income / changes in equity;
  • Cash flow statement.
    • Additional reports for data analysis and reconciliation:
      • Analysis of mutual settlements of counterparties under contracts;
      • Check register;
      • Reconciliation of turnovers of international and regulated accounting;
      • Correspondence between international and regulated accounting.
  • Reconciliation and elimination of intragroup transactions.

Key benefits:

  • No errors in regulated reporting;
  • Significant reduction in time for collecting and preparing data under RAS / IFRS;
  • Improving labor productivity and reducing accounting costs;
  • Providing up-to-date data on the actual state of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise and all its structural units;
  • Obtaining data with any desired frequency (month, quarter, half year, year), flexible setting of reporting forms;
  • Seamless integration with accounting and management systems powered by 1C:Enterprise platform and any external accounting systems;
  • Improving manageability and transparency of workflow.

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