Developing automated data analytics platform

Project goals

  • Development of a unified accounting and reporting methodology, implementation of an accounting and reporting system adapted to business structure;
  • Development of a unified replicated platform for the Main Board of DOSAAF of Russia to monitor and analyze data, comprehensive automation of the organization's activities management; here are the functional areas automated:
    • Accounting and tax accounting;
    • Personnel accounting and payroll;
    • Property management in terms of creating a unified register of the organization's property, planning and coordinating repair work, distribution of the property within the structure, control of lease relations;
    • Document management;
    • Budgeting;
    • Specialized accounting policy for sports events, flight activities, training of specialists within military and civilian occupational specialties.

Project deadlines

March 2019 – August 2020


Development perspective aims to provide reliable data on the financial health and property, the organization's financial performance and cash flows to the Main Board of DOSAAF of Russia in real time.

At project launch, DOSAAF of Russia had no up-to-date information systems to automate:

  • Human resources management;
  • Property management;
  • Document management;
  • Specialized accounting.

No automation and the use of outdated information systems resulted in a lack of up-to-date information. Outdated accounting and tax accounting systems were significantly customized, which complicated the preparation of accounting and tax reporting within the legally established time limits. Paper-based document flow in the organization resulted in a long and uncontrolled process of coordinating documentation, and the loss of vital information.

The absence of a unified system to consolidate planned and actual data and control the budget implementation was an issue of concern since it required considerable time to collect information from different systems and bring it into a single form. When consolidating data, the information was distorted due to the lack of automation and the human factor.

Project summary

Borlas Group developed automated data analytics solution powered by 1C: Enterprise 8.3 CORP tech platform. To automate the workflows of DOSAAF of Russia, standard 1C configurations were used:

  • 1С: Document Management 8 CORP;
  • 1С: Accounting 8 CORP;
  • 1C: Salary and Human Resources 8 CORP.

Borlas Group also used in-house developments tailored to the customer's needs:

  • Budgeting (accounting module);
  • Property management, aviation activities and specialized accounting;
  • DOSAAF summary reporting;
  • Portal (system single sign-on).

Implemented the possibility to exchange data between 1C: Accounting 8 CORP and Property Management, Aviation Activities and Specialized Accounting solutions in terms of property, lease agreements and information on mutual settlements.

DOSAAF Consolidated Reporting configuration is an aggregator of financial information based on data from 1C: Accounting 8 CORP and 1C: Salary and Human Resources 8 CORP configurations to generate customer's management reporting.

Borlas Group developed additional Budgeting in the standard 1C: Accounting 8 CORP configuration, which includes:

  • Planning mechanism, settings for obtaining actual data according to accounting register data;
  • Fact generation by budget items.

The Portal is based on a single sign-on scheme of authorization for users to access other configurations of automated data analytics platform. The Portal is also a master system to create users and assign access rights to configurations.

Project unique features

As part of the project, Borlas Group created a unique data system that is maximally adapted to the needs of DOSAAF Russia, given the specific features of the organization's work, such as:

  • The need to account for and manage a large property fund, which includes not only buildings and land, but also such objects as airfields and aircrafts. Within the project, Borlas Group developed a state information subsystem to visually display all property objects on an interactive electronic geographic map;
  • Need to take into account the specifics of a non-profit organization—in accounting, all business transactions are divided into two areas: commercial and non-commercial;
  • Subsystem to keep records in the direction of sports and patriotic training developed from scratch.

Project results

  • Automation of most business processes—from business and tax accounting to master data management, budgeting and document management;
  • Unification of processes,  stopping the practice of double work performed by different departments of the company;
  • Technical acceleration of documentation approval up to 60%;
  • Cutting standard reporting period from 10 to 5 working days;
  • Reduction in labor costs and time to generate accounting and tax reporting up to 30%.

The number of automated workstations is 350.